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Good Neighbors has loved our neighbors.

History shows Good Neighbors’ past, present and future.
We will continue to make history of hope.

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2010 History Goodneighbors
  • 2010.1ㆍHope Project for middle school: 'Young Power School'
    ㆍOfficial MOU signed with Myanmar Government for projects
    in cyclone affected area Emergency relief team dispatched
    within 25 hours from Haiti earthquake of magnitude 7.0 along
    with Chosun Ilbo Daily Newspaper
    ㆍVolunteer activities of actress Kim Hyunjoo and tvN LOVE
    ㆍParticipatory Assessment and Planning (PAP) workshop
    conducted for GNI staffs from 18 different countries
  • 2010.2ㆍ6 children among winners of Letter Writing Contest
    of World Civic Education were sent to Cambodia for
    volunteer activities
    ㆍEmergency relief project with 5 million US$ budget for
    earthquake-hit Chile of magnitude 8.8
  • 2010.3ㆍPlanning forum for public/civil cooperation to support
    underfed children
    ㆍVolunteer activities of Byun Jungsoo Progress sharing
    ambassador in Nepal and Exclusive Broadcasting KBS
    'Love Request' on May
  • 2010.4ㆍNationwide GN University Students Volunteer Club Festival
    ㆍ1st anniversary of GOOD-BUY Campaign
  • 2010.5ㆍ[Cheer up Africa] campaign during World-cup season
    with Hana Tour
    ㆍAppointment of actress Kim Hyunjoo as an goodwill
    ㆍ Opening of Ajou - Good Neighbors Psychotherapy Centre
    ㆍEmergency relief work for flood-hit Tajikistan
    ㆍVolunteer activities of goodwill ambassador Park Yongha in
    Chad: Establishment of Yona School
    ㆍEmergency relief work for volcano-hit Guatemala
  • 2010.6ㆍTrainings for the 1st batch of Youth Volunteers Abroad
  • 2010.7ㆍVolunteer activities of 10 children, including winners of the
    2nd Hope Letter Writing Contest for the Global Village,
    in Bangladesh
    ㆍEmergency relief work for flood-hit Pakistan
  • 2010.8ㆍ1st Youth Global Leadership Camp
  • 2010.10ㆍ[Give wings to Angels] Campaign with KBS
    ㆍSBS Hope TV for fundraising (Broadcasting of a
    documentary film "Hope Comes into Bloom in Africa")
  • 2010.11ㆍEmergency relief work for tsunami-hit Mentawai Island and
    volcano-hit Merapi, Indonesia
    ㆍPublication of case management manual of GN children
    protection system
    ㆍLaunching of the first NGO smartphone application in Korea
    ㆍWFP-NGO Advisory Council meeting
    ㆍRecipient of Human Network Award for GN Hope-sharing
    schoolat the 2nd Korea Human Awards
    ㆍ'Snowman of Miracle" fundraising campaign
  • 2010.12ㆍProduction and sale of Okra necklace at Hyundai
    ㆍGoodwill Ambassador Byun Jungsoo wins the Grand Prize
    at the 3rd Korean Volunteers' Contest
    ㆍGood Neighbors website renewal
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